Coulter and Hilton–BFFs?

March 9, 2007 at 8:49 pm (celebrities, politics)

I’m late to the party here, but a friend just forwarded me an email from the Human Rights Campaign asking Lee Salem, Executive Vice President and Editor, Universal Press Syndicate, to remove Ann Coulter from syndication. For a give and take on this issue of papers choosing to keep and drop Coulter’s column, check out these point and counterpoint articles at Editor & Publisher.

Ann Coulter has always struck me as a strange individual, and not just because she appears to be as bigoted as some of her conservative counterparts (notice, I do say some—America is America because of vibrant, informed protest). It is because she is a woman who appears to be as bigoted as some of her conservative counterparts. Coulter is openly rejecting the typical gender politics that dictate how women should act. Usually, removing oneself from pre-constructed notions of gender would be empowering–unfortunately, Coulter doesn’t empower anyone–she’s courting reactionary attention, and to this point she’s managed to continue with this behavior.

This is the “look at me!” culture that has enabled Paris Hilton to become famous—perhaps Paris Hilton is a remarkably intelligent person (though she has publicly displayed herself otherwise) and perhaps Coulter is as well—but they don’t demonstrate this through any informed discourse—and I’d sure like to see it.


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