March 9, 2007 at 11:18 am (stuff)

It’s been a long trip here, but I suppose it was inevitable. My husband says he’s a “Web 1.0 kind of guy” but I’ve been finding this next generation facinating. Being a former grad student, I decided to pause and research the heck out of blogging–wikipedia is a godsend–but after a while I decided just to go with the Brazen Careerist’s advice and just do it. The part that gets me the most is just how much our lives continue to be mediated—and now we’ve come to the point of self mediation—to be is to be blogging. To exist is to have a page on MySpace. To live is to become a part of someone else’s (virtual—to dust off an oldie) life.


I have a background in film, a love of television, and a fascination with Web 2.0. I somehow managed to stumble into a fantastic job that revolves around Web 2.0; (don’t ask me how—it’s not like companies are clamoring for people with advanced degrees in media theory—oh yeah, that was totally worth the glut of students loans I now owe…but that’s for another post) I like what I do, and it’s expanding my horizons of understanding the ways in which people communicate. So, this is what I’ll blog about—things I’ve seen and heard, probably focusing on film until I become comfortable with the blogosphere. So, stay tuned (or fed, in this case) and I hope to hear from you.



  1. Penelope Trunk said,

    Congratulations on the new blog! My husband is a Web 1.0 guy too, and he is mystified over how excited I get to learn some new social networking tool that I probably won’t even use — but I just love to know what people are doing. My blog has been a great way for me to find out about what’s going on in the world. I bet yours will be too.


  2. neat said,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and it’s really helped me to take the dive. I hope to keep up the good work–this will definitely keep me honest about pulling together some daily coherent thoughts–


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