I’ve spent a remarkable amount of time in school to end up where I am, and despite the enormous debt to the government, and a lack of practical skills, I find that it was all worth it. Look forward to my discussion of the endless things that I find new and interesting that you’ve probably already heard of 1.4 million times (del.icio.us, anyone?) The rundown:

Hometown: New Orleans

Currently residing: Tucson

Husbands: 1

Cats: 2

CSS: Not yet…



  1. John said,

    Hi, I am curious about your comment below. Can you describe more how you were “networking all along”? Thanks.


    Great article–I’d always hindered myself by thinking ‘I’m not a good networker’ (and when I went looking for a career, I paid for this opinion with seven months of very stressful searching). I had always intimidated myself out of networking because it felt sleazy; but of course, it was just my frame of mind.
    Now that I’ve landed a more corporate position, I realize that I’ve been networking all along, I just didn’t know how to take any advantage of my contacts. Now, I know people, and they know me–I help them out, they help me out–who’d have thought it was this easy!

    Posted by neat. | March 22, 2007

  2. neat said,

    Hi John,
    What I meant by this is that by viewing networking as something I had to actively do (like going to meetings or parties with the sole purpose of selling myself) I wasn’t really understanding networking.

    I had encountered and worked with many people in my academic career–not just colleagues, but friends, who would have gladly put feelers out for me if I was looking for a job. Just think about it–if a friend went to you and asked you to keep an eye out for positions for him/her, would you be offended? That was the mindset that I had to overcome–that networking was not something I really needed to ‘actively’ do, but that by working with others and demonstrating my abilities, I had already been networking all along–

    Hope this makes sense–thanks for the question!

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