Spreading the Quicken gospel…

March 12, 2007 at 3:54 pm (finances)

Just found this on the Quicken Forums–free stuff, only a little work involved–just a little foray into my ‘oh-crap-I’ve-got-too-much-debt’ postings.  Caveat is, you have to have Quicken already–but if you do, and you want to upgrade, knock yourself out 😉

Free Quicken Premier 2007

I personally already have Premier 2007, and I really like it–I’m still figuring out the investing portion of the program, mostly because I’m still a bit shocked that I have investments, but so far, so good.  At the advice of other users (thank goodness for web communities) I’ve decided not to use the Express Web Connect feature for now–but otherwise, it lets me see just how impending the doom of my student loan debt is *shudder*


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